Wednesday, October 16, 2013

convention report - finals of DCM 2013 at the Frankfurter Bookfair

last weekend (12.10 - 13.10) I visited the Frankfurter Bookfair.
since 2002 the DCM (stands for Deutsche Cosplay Meisterschaft means German Cosplay Championship)-finals take place on the sunday at the Frankurter Bookfair.

this year I got a seat in the front row. sadly I was not able to leave my chair to take some photos right in front of the stage.but I tried to take some shots between the heads of the judges and other photographers. Many failed because of poor my autofocus accuracy, some because of the judges, some because of other photographers.

but please enjoy the few pictures with decent quality.

katrinkleeblatt as Alice Lidell (Late but Lucky) from Alice - Madness

 Symphonia as Lillet Blan  from GrimGrimoire

Laverna as Alice Liddell [ Asylum ]  from American McGee's Alice

 mondhase as Haydée Tebelin  from Gankutsuō

 Gouky as 10th Doctor  from Doctor Who/Torchwood

for more information check out this article (german)
and for more pictures check out this gallery from Christoph Gerlach (nick: Sai1)

the videos will be linked when uploaded on youtube. 

thanks for reading and have a nice day 

Monday, October 7, 2013

starcraft cake

I spontaneously decided to make a zerk-base-cake for my brothers birthday.

my brother and I did made these starcraft inspired cupcakes together. so I had an idea how to make the minerals and the vespene gas geyser.
check this video for a tutorial.

since my brother is a devoted zerg player and I like zerg the most - I wanted to zerg base with one hatchery.

these pictures for references

and here my result

the hatchery is made out of almond paste. coloured with a cocoa-water mixture in shortage of foodcolouring.
the vespene gas geyser is also made of almond paste, the gas is a round piece of gummi candy. and the minerals are smashed ice bonbons :)
the cake underneath is a simple pound cake without special ingredients. I covered it with chocolate. scraped the surface while cooling down to create this crusty texture.

it is not perfect, but for an hour of work, it did come out quite well :) 

what do you think?

thanks for reading and have a crafty day :D


Monday, September 30, 2013

cosplayprogress no 4 - taekwon kid [ragnarok online]

straight to the point!

reference picture

first of all challenges: color gradient of the top.
I dyed it myself and I am pretty satisfied with the result. I used this video for reference.

 the basic fabric, pure white cotton 7€/m cut,finished and washed beforhand

first try of dyeing. used a liquid colour with a spray flacon. so adding water to the container means to lighten the colour. I really like this method - the gradient can be made quite precisely. lots of other dyeing tutorials recommend to dip the fabric into the dye which results into interesting patterns but uneven gradients.

after washing the fabric, lots of colour came of. if you are not dyeing the normal way, the colour will come out much lighter than expected. 

second round, I made the dye much stronger.

see the result of the dyeing. I love it. maybe it is a little bit too soft. but I didn't had the time do dye it a third time...

see all the paintings

 shirt pattern

shoe piece pattern

skirt pattern




  and all the pieces

pendant detail (a original korean pendant stolen from my mother)

and here some pictures of me wearing this stuff. many thanks to Vincent Tram, he did make the photos and I really like them. check his album on fliker, its awesomeness in pictures

thanks for reading 
and have a nice day


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

convention report - connichi 2013

from the 13.09. - 15.09.2013 I was at the connichi.
it is the biggest an coolest convention in germany. on this con you show of your coolest costumes. there are lots of amazing cosplayers in even more amazing costumes.

weather was horrible.
so cold and wet and it made me really snappy and unhappy. since we had no tickets, there was no way to enjoy the shows and competitions inside.
especially on saturday the weather was really bad, so I had a hard time with my thief cosplay uU

cosplay list for connichi:


taekwon girl
from ragnarok online


from ragnarok online



from ranma 1/2

our ragnarok online cosplaygroup was AMAZING!!!
so many cool cosplayers joined us. sadly I made only a few pictures.

I absolutely have to practice to arrange so many people on one picture, on top of that my new lens is not made for big group pictures. maybe I can afford to buy a wide-angle-lens till the next time...

but please enjoy:

 the awesome group!!!

from left to right starting wit the top row: gypsy, sorcerer, sura, kiel (monster), rouge, thief, game master, high wizard, sage
kneeling from left to right: two arc bishops, shura

 the absolute stunning acuera as a sorcerer, I love this picture.

and here are some pictures of my awesome ranma-cosplay-group :D

kuno, ranma, ranma-chan and akane with p-chan <3 br="">

love you guys!!! <3 p="">

and here some other pics from the connichi

tea and coffee

the incarnation of septemper

spike spigel fom cowboy bebop

fuu from magic knight rayearth

check this link out for more my whole gallery

thanks for reading and have a nice day!!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

styling no 1 - shampoo's wig

here a quick overview how I styled my wig for shampoo from ranma 1/2.

there are some tutorials online for working with stubs and stuff, but my wig was lend to me, so I had to figure out a way to style it into these hair buns without glueing or cutting hair off.

here the reference

the wig. kindly lend to me from murmeltierchen (check out her wizard cosplay from diablo 3 its amazing!!!)

brushed, secured with pins on my styropor head.

my styling tools:

hairpins, hairclips, hairtie, comb, wig brush, two selfmade hair bun clips.

how I made the hair bun clips: cut of the end of a sock, roll it into a donut-like shape.

covered the rolled sock with a piece of (stretchy) fabric and then covered the open side with a piece of craft foarm (foam rubber), cut out two holes for clips on opposing sides of the bun and sewed the craft foarm in place.

clipped the hair buns into the right place. doubblecheck for symmetry.

pulled out the strand of hair that is clipped down with the hair bun clip and place it over the clip.

this looks easy but is a little bit tricky: pulled the elastic band over the bun, and tried to spread the hair evenly. the bun should be covered completely on the front.

divided the strand into two, wrapped one strand it around the bun clockwise, the other counterwise. then secured with lots of hairpins.
depending on you wig and your skill, you maybe need to add some additional strands to make it look good.

repeated on the other side

done with the buns, move on to hairaccessory.

selfmade flower hair clips

simply clipped onto the buns - thadaaaaaaaaa :D
and here a close up

hope this may be helpful for other people who don't wan to destroy wigs wit glue and stuff ;)

thanks for reading
have a nice day